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Eliminate unnecessary costs by contracting the Linda Harvey Group to institute and manage a compliance program for your healthcare practice. The Linda Harvey Group is a results-focused healthcare compliance/risk management consulting company dedicated to reducing legal liability in your practice. Create increased opportunity for profit by leveraging our trusted expertise to safeguard your practice and your reputation. With the Linda Harvey Group, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable, customized plan in place that not only protects your team, but also meets all current legal and compliance regulations.

Meet Linda Harvey, RDH, MS

Compliance / Risk Management Strategist, Healthcare Risk Manager, DFASHRM

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Quickly evaluate your compliance in four key areas and receive three complimentary Thank You gifts. This 20-question self-assessment tool immediately scores your compliance in the areas of OSHA, Infection Control, HIPAA, and Corporate Compliance under the Affordable Care Act. Understanding your compliance score enables you to identify and prioritize risk reduction and safety strategies in your practice.