It Takes More Than Good Patient Care to Avoid Regulatory Red-Flags

Regulatory compliance and patient care were the cornerstones of Dr J’s practice. He couldn’t believe the allegations made by a former employee to the licensing board. His billing practices, delegation of duties and ethics were being scrutinized. After thousands of dollars in defense costs, he faces severe sanctions.

The onslaught of new regulations, healthcare initiatives and practice management challenges can easily confuse the most astute practitioner. It’s no wonder that dentists with exemplary records of patient care may find their practice in the regulatory spotlight.

Practice managers and dentists agree that it takes the “right team” to run a successful practice. More than a clinical team, it takes seasoned risk management and compliance professionals to help dentists avoid getting themselves into trouble with the regulatory agencies.

Traditionally, dental risk management has focused on patient care—patient safety, informed consent and good documentation. But now, like any other corporate enterprise, dental offices must have access to a full spectrum of experts, including risk management and compliance, infection prevention, human resources and others.

Dentistry needs a fresh approach to risk management, and we are providing it! We are excited to announce the launch of Risk Academy II this September. The time is now to start elevating your risk management expertise.

If you are ready to worry less about regulatory issues, embrace risk management from a new perspective and enjoy dentistry more, I invite you to give me a call at (904) 573-2232.