Employment Law Practices and Human Resources


We at the Linda Harvey Group understand the challenges of human resources and employment compliance, especially in medical settings where an extra level of safety and security is needed. With our extensive human resources materials and guidance, you'll be able to operate in a more stress-free atmosphere, make sound personnel decisions with confidence, and handle team relationships more effectively.

We partner with Bent Ericksen and Associates and their team of SPHR-certified HR Specialists to bring you comprehensive employment tools and HR coaching. Effective recruitment, hiring, and retention practices improve productivity and rising organizational tension.

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What the Linda Harvey Group can offer to your practice:

  • Keeping policy manuals up to date
  • Evaluating your recruiting needs and policies
  • Avoiding harassment claims
  • Following paperwork requirements
  • Implementing job descriptions
  • Dealing with employee leave
  • Properly managing terminations

We can evaluate both your hiring needs and your existing team, creating strong systems to maximize profitability while minimizing gaps in productivity.

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