Wheel of Compliance™ Philosophy

Platinum Risk Management Strategies to Safeguard your Practice!

Risk Management issues can easily derail the best practice management program costing thousands of dollars directly out of your pocket. Hidden regulatory, legal, or safety gaps in your practice can easily tip the balance between a growing thriving practice to one that is simply surviving turmoil.

Is your practice as safe-guarded as you would like? Our comprehensive confidential evaluation includes assessing your practice in each of the six areas below. We then create a custom action plan based on the findings. We assist you as much or little, as you like, in implementing our risk reduction strategies.

  • STRATEGIC: Risks associated with external events and trends that can impact the growth and value of your client’s practice.
  • FINANCIAL: Risks associated with the ability of the practice to make money and remain fiscally sound. See our free Financial Risk Assessment.
  • OPERATIONAL: Risks resulting from core business practices including clinical risk.
  • LEGAL/REGULATORY: Risks associated with state and federal rules, regulations, and statutes affecting dentistry. See our free HIPAA and OSHA Risk Assessments
  • TECHNOLOGY: Risks resulting from rapidly evolving technologies and equipment, biomedical products, computers, or teledentistry.
  • HUMAN CAPITAL: Risks related to staff, encompassing recruitment, training, and maintenance of these individuals. See our free Employment Law Risk Assessment.

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